At BioResearch Update, we aim to provide breakthrough research and insightful information about medicinal mushrooms.  In addition to its culinary use, mushrooms have been used in non-Western traditional health care services for over five thousand years.  Modern science has now caught up and supports various health claims of mushrooms that have long been recognized in Asia.  Research has shown that the beta-glucans found in mushrooms are most responsible for up-regulating the immune system.


The Chinese are not the only culture that has long used mushrooms for health benefits.  The ancient Greek physician Hippocrates, known as the “Father of Medicine” advocated the use of mushrooms for medicinal purposes over 2300 years ago.  More impressively, the royal families of ancient Egypt have been known to have consumed mushrooms for longevity as evidenced in various hieroglyphic arts dating back 4600 years.


Stimulating the body’s immune system is one of the potential benefits of mushrooms.  Other benefits may include:  reducing fatigue, anti-aging, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and the list goes on.  Various extracts taken from mushrooms have shown to benefit the body’s vital organs, including the brain.


Through various studies and articles we hope to nourish your brain with mushroom knowledge to promote healthy living naturally.