[#2007-01] Coriolus Abascal, Kathy et al. A Turkey Tail Polysaccharide as an Immunochemotherapy Agent in Cancer, Kathy Abascal et al.

A Turkey Tails Polysaccharide as an Immunochemotherapy Agent in Cancer

Kathy Abascal, B.S., J.D., R.H. (AHG), and Eric Yarnell, N.D., R.H. (AHG)


Trametes versicolor or Coriolus versicolor (turkey tails) is a medic­inal mushroom containing a number of protein-bound polysaccharides that have shown strong potential in the treatment of cancer. This discussion examines the use of Polysaccha­ride Krestin (PSK), a proprietary polysaccharide extracted from T. versicolor, in the treatment of gastric, colorectal, lung, breast, and esophageal cancers. PSK has been approved in Japan for use as an adjunct to surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy for cancer, and has shown significant benefits. This agent appears to act in part by restoring the balance of dendritic and T-helper cells and cytokines related to these cells’ function and maturation in cancer patients.