[#2016-08] Maitake Bao, Hongkun et al. Grifola frondosa GF produces significant antidepressant effects involving AMPA receptor activation in mice

In this paper, we investigated the antidepressant effects of the medical mushroom GF. We found that (1) GF demonstrated antidepressant effects in the TST and FST after 1-day or 5-day treatments; (2) GF led to no hyperactive effects in the OFT; (3)  The antidepressant effects of GF were stronger compared to the other medical mushroom PO; (4) AMPA receptor-specific antagonist GYKI 52466 was able to block the antidepressant effects of GF, suggesting that AMPA receptors are involved in the antidepressant effects of GF.