[#2017-04] Royal Agaricus Gobi, Veerapan Venkatesh et al. Agaricus blazei extract abrogates rotenone-induced dopamine depletion

Neuroinflammation and oxidative damage are the two main malfactors that play an important role in the pathogenesis of experimental and clinical Parkinson’s disease (PD). The current study was aimed to study the possible anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effects of the methanolic extract of Agaricus blazei (A.  blazei) against rotenone-induced PD in mice. Male Albino mice were randomized and divided into the following groups: control, treated with rotenone (1 mg/kg/day), co-treated with rotenone and A. blazei (50, 100, and 200 mg/kg b.w.), and treated with A. blazei alone (200 mg/kg b.w.). After the end of the experimental period, behavioral studies, biochemical estimations, and protein expression patterns of inflammatory markers were studied. Rotenone treatment exhibited enhanced motor impairments, neurochemical deficits, oxidative stress, and inflammation, whereas oral administration of A. blazei extract attenuated the above-said indices. Even though further research is needed to prove its efficacy in clinical studies, the results of our study concluded that A. blazei extract offers a promising and new therapeutic lead for treatment of PD.

Keywords: Neurodegenerative disease,