BIORESEARCH UPDATE NEWS LETTER #9 Amycenone® Widely Expands Its Application in Japan

April 16, 2013


Amycenone®, a proprietary extract from Lion’s Mane mushroom developed by Mushroom Wisdom, Inc., NJ, has been widely used in Japan, where a number of health professionals are encouraging its use for those who need not only memory support but also to nutritionally address a wide variety of mental and cognitive support activity.*

Specifically, Kazutoyo Inanaga, M.D., Professor Emeritus, Kurume University, and a Director of Chikusuikai Institute of Neuroinformation, Fukuoka, Japan, is a medical practitioner who has tried the mushroom extract on a number of patients who had long-term complicated brain dysfunctions and seen successful results.* Dr. Inanaga has been excited to report his clinical cases in medical journals and make presentations on such cases at academic medical conferences.

The supplement Dr. Inanaga gave his patients is a finished product already available at health food stores in the USA that contains Amycenone® as an active compound.  Amycenone® is standardized to contain two active ingredients — hericenone and amyloban — both of which are strongly associated with supporting nerve cell health in the brain.*   The patent for Amycenone® is registered in Japan and pending in the USA.